Blair was very thorough and he took the time to explain the issues, what caused them and how to fix them. We are happy with the services we received and we certainly recommend him in need of an engineer.


Elvis - Vernon BC

"CMG was very easy to work with and they answered thousands of questions. They worked well with our project manager and our favorite draftsperson ... I'd recommend CMG to anyone."


Muriel - Edmonton AB

"In the previous months, you have with great professionalism conduct [in performing] both a building engineering and environmental due diligence inspection for two of our properties."

Sylvain - Mouans-Sartoux France

Building Condition REPORTS AND Phase I ESA


Building Condition Reports


A property / building condition report / assessment (PCA/PCR/BCA/BCR) will estimate the capital expenditures over the next 10 years including any evidence of structural building envelope, or other defects in the commercial / industrial / multi-family / institutional buildings on a property.


We currently use the ASTM 2018-15 standard for property purchase requirements, and the UNIFORMAT II standard for municipal property inventory analysis.


The Facility Condition Index (FCI) in our Building Condition Report provides a scientific evaluation of the condition of the building(s) on the property.


ASTM Building Condition Report


The ASTM building condition report normally includes a one to three hour non-invasive walk-through by an engineer to assess most elements of the building including the parking, landscaping, structural, building envelope, building interior, plumbing, heating ventillation and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, natural gas supply, recreational equipment, generators, vertical transportation, fire safety and more. For a building condition report we will normally request additional information including any engineering or architectural drawings, surveys including real property reports, and any evidence of major capital expenditures in the past. All the information gathered will be presented in the building condition report that includes summaries of each building element, photos, and the ball park approximate costs for any capital repairs or expenditures based on market rates over the next 10 years. Our executive summary normally includes the FCI indicating the approximate condition of the building, and a spreadsheet showing the capital expenditures.


We can also include add-on reports including accessibility reports, asbestos surveys, energy studies, air quality samping, and mould testing and analysis at extra cost if necessary.


We continue to  work with most financial institutions that use our analysis to assess the lending potential for a property.


Contact us to get an estimate, and a description of our scope of work.


Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA)


Phase I Environmental site assessment, or Phase I ESA, is completed at three levels, first the phase 1 ESA (research), then a phase 2 if necesssary (sampling) and then a phase 3 if necessary (remediation). We carry the required insurance for your lending institution for this type of work. Contact us for an ESA estimate. We will need any previous ESA reports for the site, your billing address, and the location of the site including the legal description.


CMG conducts all three phases of assessments.


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment


Phase 1 ESA environmental reports are used for land purchases, building purchases, leases, business purchases, new residential developments and bank loans. Most lending institutions require a phase I ESA report, and it is a very good practice to do an environmental site inspection on a prospective purchase to make sure you are not buying a liability such as buildings with mold or asbestos, or land with BTEX (eg from gasoline) or other soil contaminations. These and other important matters can become extremely expensive to deal with when it is time to get building permits, or just to sell the property again. Civil liability can also result in law suites when  the contamination has migrated offsite or exposed to the tenants' areas. Expensive regulatory mandated clean-up may also be required by the authorized government agency. A typical cost for a phase I ESA is $3000 - $5000.


We are registered with AESAC (the Association for Environmental Site Assessors of Canada), and strictly follow the CSA Z768.01 guidelines.


Contact us for an estimate.