About us

In business since 1988, our structural engineering and environmental engineering background can give you the edge when getting an engineering inspection or property / building condition assessment on a property. Our environmental and engineering team can work together to deliver a one site visit for your initial Phase I ESA and property or building condition assessment report.


We also offer engineering services including engineering design.


Current Market Areas


CMG now provides GTA building condition assessments (BCA), and GTA environmental engineering services (to the Greater Toronto Area or GTA). CMG also provides full service to Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary region including all of Alberta BC and Ontario.


Founding Engineer


Dr. Iain Clayre, our founder, had an extensive and impressive engineering background dating back to the late 1950's. He graduated from Cambridge in the honours engineering programme, and worked for major steel companies all over the world including England, Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East, and finally Alberta. He used the latest knowledge of plastic steel design, to pioneer the reduction of steel fabrication costs in commercial applications.


Dr. Clayre went on to start "Canadian Management Group", or CMG Engineering Services Corporation in 1988 focusing mainly on home and commercial inspection services.